Smart Meters

Common Problems

Your Smart Meter can be used to find a range of information. Read our User Guides to find out how you can see your usage, tariff, top up, loss of power and much more information.

If you run out of credit and it is not during a friendly credit period, you will be asked if you would like to accept emergency credit. An alert will appear on your In-Home Display similar to the below image:

To accept the credit, simply press E-Credit.

If your In-Home Display has not updated due to lack of network, you should go to your meter. If the display screen is dim, press any button to light it up. Press the “B” button, then the number “7”. There will then be a message displayed on the screen saying “Emergency Credit offer, Press A to accept”


You should press 7 and then the emergency credit will be applied to your meters.

Your In-Home Display can be anywhere in your house, however, because it runs from a Home Area Network (similar to Wi-Fi), you should position it close to both of your meters if possible. This means that you won’t have any problems seeing up to date meter readings and how much you have left on your meter.

If you have a fault with your meter, you should refer to the User Guides initially. If the fault continues, then you should contact us so we can arrange any further help you may need.

If you are supplied by Utilita for both your electricity and gas, and you can only see one of these displayed on your home display, you should contact our Contact Team so that we can synchronise the In-Home Display with your meters.

Common questions

Absolutely not. Our smart meters are designed to help you save energy and money, so we don’t believe in charging you for them.

No, unfortunately our Smart Energy service, competitive tariff and all of the great facilities cannot be supported without the install of our smart metering equipment. For these reasons you will not be able to keep your current meters on our prepayment package.

Our meters meet the government's smart meter specification; so another supplier shouldn't need to change your meters. However, in the event they do need to change your meters to maintain your supply, they are not allowed to charge you. If you require your meters to be removed for any other reason, we advise you discuss the matter with your new supplier for clarification.

We think it’s great if you have solar panels and want to encourage customers to use renewable energy sources. We are an accredited Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs) provider - just let us know you have solar panels during your application process and our in-house team will take care of it. You can do this here.

Up-to-date tariff prices and unit rates can be found at

Alternatively you can call our Customer Care Team on 03452 068 777.

No, however you will be given a new top up card that you will be able to use at any Paypoint. You can also top up online, on the phone, with SMS or on our App. Find out more about topping-up on our top-up page.

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