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Join millions of households and save £££s with Utilita’s award-winning High 5 campaign - just make free and simple changes at home.

15 Ways to Save

Make five simple changes to the way you use energy at home.

  • Turn the heating down by 1 degree
  • £117
  • Air dry laundry when possible
  • £50
  • Avoid standby and unplug gadgets
  • £43
  • Switch lights off in unoccupied rooms
  • £20
  • Always fully load the washing machine
  • £7

Make five simple changes to the way you heat water at home.

  • Set your hot water tap temperature to 50°C*
  • £59
  • Keep showers to 4 mins maximum
  • £57
  • Use a plug when washing up
  • £37
  • Swap one bath per week for a 4 min shower
  • £13
  • Wash laundry at 30°C instead of 40/60°C
  • £13

Make five simple changes to the way you cook at home.

  • Use the most efficient cooking appliance
  • £70
  • Batch cook when possible
  • £42
  • Use the right size pan with a lid
  • £33
  • Simmer rather than boil
  • £31
  • Avoid over-filling the kettle
  • £9
Warning Symbol

*Safety alert - This relates to combination boilers only and NOT for boilers using hot water tanks. If in doubt, please visit our website

Make the top 3 changes
up to
  • How we’ve calculated it

    After identifying the three main areas of energy savings at home, we completed a study of 5,000 households and asked them which of the 15 ways to save covered by our High 5 they were already doing.

    The findings revealed that three of the most effective ways to save are being ignored by 40% of households. We feel it’s important to flag these three ways to save, so no one misses out on the potentially significant savings that can be made.

*All energy usage data is based on Energy Saving Trust Infact Report (September 2019 / June 2021) and Utilita’s Review of the Energy Cost of Cooking (September 2022). All energy costs are based on the Government Energy Price Guarantee (July 2024). Savings may vary as many factors will be important in determining your actual savings.

Up to
£237 a year

Up to
£179 a year

Up to
£185 a year

What’s new?

High 5 just
got bigger.

With millions of households already benefitting from the multi award-winning Energy High 5, it’s time to expand that energy saving checklist to introduce even more ways to save. Our sustainability experts have identified a further ten ways to cut energy use, which have been divided into three areas: energy, hot water and cooking.

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