Smart Display

Smart energy
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Say hello to the latest and easiest way to manage your energy.

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Take control

Being Smart isn’t an art

Touch Screen Display
Say goodbye to meter readings
View your spend in real-time
Manage your account on the go
Activate Emergency Credit
Smart Display

Connect to Wi-Fi for a smarter home

Harness the power of data by connecting your Smart Display to your home Wi-Fi network. Connect and you’ll get real-time energy balances in your My Utilita app and monthly energy Insights with My Energy.

  • How to connect to Wi-Fi

    Press the menu button on the Home screen
    Scroll down to Settings
    Scroll down to Wi-Fi network
    Enable Wi-Fi (by default it is disabled)
    Touch Set up network
    Follow setup instructions

    For more information on your Smart Display, check out our handy guides. [User Guide] [Quick tips guide]

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Smart Display

Smart display, smarter choices

Easily navigate your Smart Display’s touch-sensitive screen to see a breakdown of your daily, weekly and monthly gas and electricity usage. Monitor your energy balances and usage, activate Emergency Credit and more.

View energy usage and spend
PAYG balances put you in control
Activate Emergency Credit for extra support
Set daily targets to help you budget