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Pay As You Go

Your home. Switched on.

We give you everything you need to keep your home switched on.

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My Utilita

Your energy on the go.

Our award-winning app gives you more visibility and control of your energy usage than ever before.

My Utilita

Smart meters

When you can see, you can save.

Our customers use about 11% less energy than the average bill-paying home - saving them at least £500m since 2010.

Smart Meters

Saving energy.

Less energy worrier, more Eco Warrior!

The nation’s favourite Eco Warrior is back – and we’re asking Britain to SAVE LIKE DAVE!

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Good for the planet.


Pro pocket. Pro planet.

We’re the only energy company created to help households use and waste less energy. We take pride in that.


Energy High 5

Waste less. Save more.

Make five simple changes to the way you use energy at home and save up to £163 a year.

Energy high 5

Life with perks too.

Super flexible. SIM-only plans.

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Extra rewards just for you.

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We can look you in the eye.

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What our customers say about us.

by Raquel
13 May

Very Kind

The agent was very kind and helpful and sort the issue out.

by Mr Pawel Radczuk
13 May


Super professional and nice. Helped me with me problem 😊 Good job!

13 May

Just Started

Just started using Utilita few months ago and all I can say is that it’s been amazing.