PAYG energy with you in control.

Everything you need to keep your home switched on.

Get energy from £3.46 a day*.

There’s no standing charge and we don’t charge exit fees. Plus, access your account 24/7 and top-up on the go with our award‑winning My Utilita app.
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No standing charge. No hidden costs.

We’re one of the only energy suppliers to have no standing charge. This means you won’t pay anything if you don’t use any energy.

Unit Rates to help you budget.

Our two Unit Rates help you to budget every month. You’ll be charged a lower rate after you’ve used 2kWh of energy each day.

Emergency & Friendly Credit.

You won’t lose supply from 2pm - 10am even if you’ve run out of credit. Plus, we give you £15 Emergency Credit if you’re struggling to top-up.

Save money with our Saver Rate.

Our Smart Energy tariff has two rates. Your energy gets cheaper when the Saver Rate automatically kicks in after you’ve used 64p a day.

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Quick and easy energy top-ups.

No more annoying trips to the shop to top-up your meter. Top-ups are now at your fingertips with the My Utilita app.

My Utilita

POWER UP and stay switched on.

Get a POWER UP when you’ve run out of credit and need to get back on supply.

We’ll lend you up to £60 for Gas and £40 for electric with no interest and you can pay it back how you want.

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Say hello to your Smart Score.

Your Smart Score is a measurement of how energy efficient you are, based on how you use energy at home.

Improve your score with tips and advice for each of your energy categories - allowing you to reduce your energy usage, save money and do your bit for the planet.

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* Based on national average prices of our Smart PAYG Energy tariff. Using Ofgem’s medium average consumption of 12,000kWh a year for gas and 2,900kWh a year for electricity. Actual costs will vary by region and actual consumption.