Energy in
your hands.

When you can see what you're spending,
you're in control.

Introducing a new way to pay.

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We believe by choosing to Pay As You Go you get the most from our service, but we understand you may prefer an alternative payment option – so, you can choose what works for you. Choose your preferred payment method and with FLEXIPAY, change it later if you want to.

Pay As You Go
  • Top-up on the go Online, app, SMS, phone or at any PayPoint.
  • £15 Emergency Credit There in case you need it.
  • Friendly Credit hours No losing power during evenings, weekends & bank holidays.
  • In-Home Display Helping you take control of your energy usage and spend.
Direct Debit
  • Spread your payments Allowing you to spread out your energy costs over the year.
  • Helps you to budget You'll always know how much you're spending every month.
  • You're protected As a consumer, you are protected under the Direct Debit Guarantee.
Pay on Receipt
  • Control your payments You control how you'd like to pay for the energy you've used.
  • Lots of ways to pay Choose your payment method: phone, bank, cash or cheque.
  • Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) protected prices Your prices are still protected by the CMA Pay As You Go price cap.

How much could you save?

Control your

We make it simple to manage your account wherever you are in the world. View your balances and history or make changes to your details. Everything from your My Utilita dashboard.


‐ Manage your account
‐ Top-up online
‐ View history

My Utilita
My Utilita

Why switch to Smart PAYG?

Tired of estimated energy bills? With our smart meters and In-Home Display,
you'll see exactly how much you're spending on your energy.

£15 Emergency Credit.

Need a little extra time to top-up? Our smart meters give you just that when you need it.

Easy top-ups.

Top-up your energy when you need to via our app, online, SMS, or at any PayPoint shop.
Utilita Balance App

Friendly Credit Hours.

Our Friendly Credit hours from 2pm - 10am the following day mean you won't go off supply when you need it most!

Energy in your hands.

Why pay for energy you haven't used? Smart PAYG means you're in control.

Looking after you.

Sometimes life can be hectic and running a household can be tough. So to help out in case you need it, our smart meters have built-in Emergency and Friendly Credit features.

In-home Display showing Emergency Credit acceptance option

£15 Emergency Credit

When you've accepted the 'low credit alert' on your In-Home Display, you will have access to £15 'Emergency Credit' when your balance reaches £0. Your credit will then be displayed as a negative balance and run down to -£15.

If you top-up whilst in Emergency Credit, don’t forget to:

- Fully repay the Emergency Credit that you have used
- In addition to the Emergency Credit, you must also ensure the meter is topped-up by at least £1 to avoid loss of supply

In-home Display showing Emergency Credit accepted message

Friendly Credit Hours.

Our Friendly Credit feature means you never lose supply during evenings, weekends or bank holidays – even if your Emergency Credit runs out, or has not been activated. Your smart meters automatically enter Friendly Credit mode everyday from 2pm until 10am the next working day – giving you plenty of time to top-up your supply.

Any extra credit used beyond the £15 Emergency Credit is called 'Friendly Credit'.