We’re here to help.

We opened our first Energy Hub in 2018. The reason was simple: we wanted to serve our customers in their own communities and language – and be able to look them in the eye as we did so.

We aim to connect with local communities too. Not just helping them but being part of them. A face they can trust.

Tailored energy advice.

Speak to our friendly team and get energy efficiency advice so you can start saving and do your bit for the planet at the same time.

Energy Efficiency workshops are available both face to face and remotely, so ask our team to organise a booking.

Top-up your energy credit.

You can top-up your energy if you’re with Utilita or not. All PayPoint or Payzone top-ups include all other energy suppliers too.

Something for everyone.

Try out our interactive app to learn about energy usage at home and kids can play in our fun kiddies’ area.

Inclusivity for all.

Utilita are proud to have partnered with Diversity & Ability. Ensuring all our Hubs are accessible and inclusive to all our customers, staff and the community groups we work with.

Speak to an Energy Expert.

Our Energy Experts can help you with any questions about your account and give you support if you need help.

Plus they can give advice on Smart Home products from Energenie helping you save energy at home.

Switch to Smart Energy

Switch to Utilita in one of our Hubs.

Get a quote

Working with our local communities.

Our Energy Hub staff have been working very closely with organisations and charities within their local communities. In 2020, not only have they raised in excess of £20,000 through fundraising but they have also volunteered to help deliver vital services.

One of the fundraising challenges was our hub-to-hub challenge which raised essential funds for charities up and down the country.

Start saving with our Energy Saving Kit.

Take control of your home with our Smart Home devices. Our Energy Saving Kit includes WiFi enabled plugs and extension leads allowing you to turn off your devices from the comfort of your sofa.

Grab one in your local Energy Hub today.