Smart Meters

Get clever with your energy

Say goodbye to guessing your energy costs each month. Upgrade to a smart meter and take control.

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Take control

See energy. Save £££s.

See what you’re spending in real-time
Say goodbye to meter readings
Understand your energy usage
Manage your account on the go
Installed at no extra cost

Energy that’s a step ahead

Get the most out of your energy with features from MyEnergy including usage insights, monthly comparisons and much more.

  • What is My Energy?

    My Energy helps you understand how your home uses energy. Get a monthly breakdown of which appliances are sapping at the sockets and how you can reduce your wastage.

  • What are the benefits?

    You’ll be receiving personalised advice that’s tailored to your home - so you’ll be able to make savings that make a difference. Track your usage month by month and see more ways you can cut energy wastage.

  • How does it work?

    By completing the My Property form and connecting your Smart Display to Wi-Fi, your meter will be able to give accurate readings which we’ll breakdown into pounds and pennies per appliance.

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