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If you haven’t got a smart meter, you can book an installation at any time using the form below. Just answer a few questions about your property, and then you can choose the best date and time for the engineer to come and fit your meters.

About the install

It takes around 2 hours for our expert engineer to do the installation. They’ll remove your old gas and electricity meters and replace them with smart meters.

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Please enter your Customer Reference Number so we can find your account. This is included on any communication you’ve received from us.

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    Your Customer Reference Number is a 10 digit number and can be found in the top right corner of any letter you have received from Utilita.

    If you are unable to find your Customer Reference Number you can retrieve it below by entering your email address, phone number or Top-Up/Billpay Card Number and your postcode.

    You already have a smart meter

    You can’t book an install appointment right now as it looks like you already have a smart meter installed at your property. If you think this is wrong, send us a message using Live Chat.

    Choose a preferred date for us to visit your home to install your new smart meter. Can’t find an available date that works for you? Call us on 03303 337 442 to book over the phone.

    We’re sorry - we do not have any booking dates available for your postcode area. Please call us on 03303 337 442 to book over the phone.

    Please answer a few questions about your home and access to your current meters so our engineers can install your new smart meters safely.

    We’re sorry - you need to gain access to your meters for us to install a smart meter at your property. Please try again later.

    Terms & Conditions

    If our engineer visits your home and they’re unable access the property, meter or main fuse, they will not be able to complete the install and you will need to re-book when access can be provided.

    Please make sure that there’s someone over the age of 18 in the property during the install, even if the meters are outside, and there is a clear and safe working area around the meters and the main fuse.

    Please ensure that any animals (like dogs) are away from the working area and remain there for the duration of the works.

    Please ensure you have permission from the homeowner to have a smart meter installed.

    To ensure the safety of our engineers, we will not be able to carry out the install if someone at the property has COVID symptoms.

    If you have asked for a carer or legal guardian to be present during the install, it will not take place unless they are present.

    If we miss or are late for the appointment, you may be eligible for compensation under our Guaranteed Standards of Performance.

    We reserve the right to charge a £30 fee if our engineer arrives at your home and can’t access your current meter. If you are unable to to provide access, you must get in touch with us to re-arrange your appointment.

    Our engineer will complete your installation in compliance with the Consolidated Metering Code of Practice. This is owned by the Retail Energy Code – you can take a look on their website (you'll need to create an account first).

    During the install, your gas and/or electricity will be switched off for a short period.