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Your energy is back in your hands.

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Refer a friend and bag yourself £50 free electricity credit. We’ll even send your friend a £50 Amazon voucher.



Be in control of your energy

The home screen shows your important account details in a fast, smart and easy-to-understand view. See your balance, bill updates and handy links to useful app services. You can even head straight to Utilita Extra to win some exclusive rewards!

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Make payments on the go

Pay the smart way. If you PAYG, top-up from £2 on the go and take advantage of money-saving features like Savings, all at your fingertips. If you receive a bill, make payments as and when you like too. Save your card details in your Wallet for speedy payments.


Stay on supply with POWER UP

Never get caught in the dark again! POWER UP allows you to apply for a top-up when you’ve run out of credit and need to keep your home up and running. Get up to £60 on gas and £40 on electricity and choose how to pay it back.

  • Am I eligible?

    You’ll have to meet the following criteria to be eligible for a POWER UP.

    • You have below £2 credit in your account
    • Your meter communicates correctly
    • Below £20 debt on the energy supply you need to top-up
  • How do I apply?

    Simply log into your My Utilita account, select the POWER UP option on your home screen and then tell us when you’ll next be able to top-up. We’ll use your smart meter to automatically work out the amount of credit we think you’ll need, but you can adjust this between £1-£40 for electric and £1-£60 for gas.

    Once you’ve confirmed the amount you want to borrow, you’ll then need to select your recovery rate – this is the percentage that will come out of your future top-ups towards repaying it. The recovery rate can be set anywhere between 5 – 100%, so you can pay it off in bitesize chunks or all in one go, it’s entirely up to you.

    Don’t forget, you can POWER UP both meters if needed - just make sure you apply for your other meter within 10 hours of the original POWER UP. After 10 hours, My Utilita will recognise that you have an outstanding debt on your account, and you’ll be unable to POWER UP again until it has been cleared.

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Recovery Rate

Pay debt back,
your way

Managing debt is never easy. So we give you the power to control your payments with our Recovery Rate feature. You can select a percentage of each top-up to go towards any debt you may have on your account. Meaning peace of mind that your debt won’t grow out of control.

Smart Score

Energy advice tailored to you

Smart Score analyses how your household uses energy and gives you easy-to-understand scores for different categories. We’ll send you personalised tips that will help improve your score and turn your home into a lean, mean, energy-saving machine.

Smart Score
Daily usage graphs
Category scores
Personalised for you
Transfer Credit

Move credit between meters

Putting your £££s to good use! Simply move credit from any meter and put it in your Savings account first. Then you can select ‘Withdraw Savings’ from the Savings page to transfer credit to a supply of your choice.

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Save for a rainy day

Set a Savings target and watch your pot grow. Stashing away as little as £2 in your savings pot can make a big difference when the colder months hit. Become a savvy saver and you’ll be entered into our Savings prize draw for the chance to win £££’s.

Auto Pay

Set and forget with Auto Pay

Have peace of mind that you won’t run out of credit with Auto Pay. Set-up an automatic top-up once your meter balance reaches £2. So, no matter whether you’re cooking a roast or watching your favourite tv show, you won’t be interrupted.

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Carbon Footprint

Waste not,
want not

We all welcome simple ways to help the planet. Track your daily, monthly and yearly carbon emissions with our Carbon Footprint feature. To help you understand the impact, see how your annual emissions compare to equivalent number of miles driven.


Enjoy Extra for being with us

There’s no better word than FREE! As a thank you for being with us, you get exclusive access to weekly competitions to win some incredible prizes. Plus, access to see one of your favourite artists at one of the Utilita Arenas – nice!

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