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Our company values.

The personality of a business comes from the Values it holds, its Vision for the future and the clarity of the Mission to take it there. All are essential to success.

We set out to do things differently, support those who need it most and treat everyone equally - and that hasn’t changed. In every decision, we ask ourselves: What’s the right thing to do?

Whether it’s our customers or staff, we listen to what people need, respect what they have to say and make sure we deliver on our promises. By taking care of everyone, we aim to earn their trust - and keep it.

Being smart is in our DNA. As one of the first companies to kick start Britain’s smart meter revolution, we understand the value that technology can bring to people’s lives.

Our passion for tech means we’re always evolving and searching for ways to improve our services through innovation. We’re not afraid to be bold either. Our technology (and smart roots) are helping us transform the world around us for the better.

Sustainability has more than one meaning for our business. We will be a Net Zero business by 2030. We recognise this is an ambitious target, but one we’ll achieve by continuing to drive transformational changes to make a significant dent in global carbon emissions.

Our unique approach includes educating everyone on how small changes can have a big impact. It also means making decisions that ensure our stability and resilience. We’ve faced many challenges over the years and are still here… for the long-haul!