Bill Bullen

CEO - Utilita Energy

Life with power.

My name’s Bill Bullen, the company founder and CEO, and I’d like to take a few minutes to share our story with you.

Utilita, the UK’s first and only specialist Pay As You Go Smart Energy supplier, was formed in 2003 when I sat around the kitchen table with three colleagues and made the bold decision to challenge the then Big 6 energy suppliers.

We wanted to help those households who were being badly served and overcharged. Our mission was a simple one: to offer consumers better service and a fairer deal.

Today, we are the energy company of choice for 800,000 homes.

A little bit about us.

When you can see, you can save.

Since installing Britain’s first smart meter in 2008, we’ve used the latest technology to give our customers more visibility and control of their energy usage than ever before. Our award-winning My Utilita app and smart meters have helped them save at least £500m since 2010.

Our Energy

Giving back.

We give our time, expertise and support to charities in every corner of the UK, raising almost £200,000 for The Prince’s Trust alone.

From Cancer Research UK to local causes, our teams have clocked up thousands of miles in races from fun runs to marathons, grown their hair or shaved it off, worn fancy dress, entered the boxing ring and formed Full Monty-style dance troupes to raise charity cash.

The only energy supplier who can look you in the eye.

We’ve never been afraid to go against the grain. That’s why we’re undertaking a national rollout of our high street Energy Hubs to offer the face to face service that customers prefer as we become the only supplier who can look you in the eye.

Energy Hub

Excited about the future. And ready for it

To maintain our position as Britain’s leading PAYG supplier, we continue to embrace the latest technology. We have just launched Energy+ which gives customers unrivalled insight into their energy usage, broken down month by month, appliance by appliance – and there’s much more to come.

My Energy