Complaints Performance

The majority of complaints that we receive are resolved within two working days. Where we are unable to resolve the complaint within two working days, there is often the need to investigate the complaint in more detail to provide a satisfactory conclusion. We are required to include expressions of dissatisfaction in our reports. We use wide-ranging definitions of dissatisfaction, as a result we ensure customer feedback is as inclusive as possible.

Over the last year Utilita has implemented an overhaul of how we deal with complaints. We have recognised the need to constantly improve our complaints performance. We have added new members to our complaints team so that we can resolve them more efficiently. We have also refined our complaints categorisation process so that we are able improve our customer service experience. Utilita understands the importance of customer service and aims to resolve all queries first time round.

Quarter Number of complaints received Number of complaints received per 100,000 customers Number of complaints resolved Number of complaints resolved per 100,000 % resolved at day +1 % resolved at 8 weeks Number of complaints resolved at (Day+1)
Q1 2017 53201 5685 53744 5743 89.54% 97.50% 48120
Q2 2017 59600 6005 60586 6104 93.57% 97.90% 56690
Q3 2017 42866 4146 41463 4011 94.38% 99.62% 39132
Q4 2017 47252 4294 45423 4128 94.67% 99.72% 43003

What are our top reasons for complaints?

  • Metering – We have seen that our customers are happy with the new Smart meters once they are installed. This means that we can ensure that we are able to assist their enquiries more in depth. Therefore, we are working harder than ever to ensure that we are able install these meters as quickly and conveniently as possible.
  • Customer Services –We want to make sure our customers are happy once they have spoken with one of our representatives. This is why we are always looking to increase our Call Centre size and improving our extensive training when new team members join. We don’t just stop there, we look to provide extra training no matter how long our employees have been with us. We do understand that our customers are calling us up to resolve their query as quickly as possible which is why we like to be efficient, providing the correct information and ensuring they are happy with the resolution.
  • Billing – We see our complaints in billing to be resolved with installing our Smart Meters. They should put a stop to customers receiving estimated bills and help with their energy monitoring. Hopefully customers will be able to change their energy habits and the meters will help with this.
  • Payment Issues – Our customers want a variety of ways to pay for their gas and electric. This is why we have explored different options for them. We currently have options already available to our customer to top up which are via text message, the internet and their local PayPoint.
  • Debt – It is never a nice situation to find yourself in debt, and this is why we have looked at our approach to customer debt. We wanted to become more aware of the impact debt has on our customers. This is why we have sought a useful link with StepChange who will help customers especially ones that are in need. We hope that our different approach helps our customers further and relieves them of some the pressure they may be under.

Complaints Handling Procedure

To find out more, visit our Complaints Handling Procedure webpage or download our Complaints Handling Procedure PDF.

Alternatively you can ask us to post a copy to you, just contact us on 03452 072 000.

The Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 can be found by visiting Ofgems Complaints Handling Standards 2008, or you can get a paper copy by calling The Stationery Office Limited on 0333 202 570.

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