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You can generate a free digital top-up e-card here, simply pick the type of card you need and we’ll email it to you. Then print it off or present your smartphone to be scanned at any paypoint outlet. Alternatively, if you’d like a replacement card please note that a £6 charge may apply and will be added to your meter. This will be reclaimed at 25% off of each of your tops-ups until it’s fully paid. You can request a new top-up card here.

If you think there may have been an error on the system, you can call in to our phone line to make a payment. Please call 03452 068 333 and ensure you have your top-up card number to hand (these are 19 digits long and can be found on the front or back of your top-up cards). You will also need your payment card details.

Yes. If there is an error and the credit does not get issued to your meter, you will need your receipt to enter the vend code into your meter to active the top-up.

You can top up online or you can download our App and top up. You can also top-up by SMS. Alternatively, you can call our automated top up line on 03452 068 333.

Once we have confirmation from your current supplier and have received all the information we need to successfully take over your supply, we request our card manufacturers to create and send out a new key/card for you to use. We do try and ensure that it arrives on the date that your supply gets taken over by Utilita. If you have not received the key/card after being with Utilita for 10 working days, please contact our Customer Advisors.

Common Questions

The amount that you can top-up varies by payment method:

  Minimum top-up per meter Maximum top-up per meter
Any PayPoint outlet £2 £45
Online & Mobile App £10 £175
Automated Top-up Line: 03452 068 333 £5 £50
Text Message £10 £175

When your smart meters are installed, our engineer will give you your top-up card(s) and explain how they work. They will also leave you with a User Guide, which includes full instructions on how to use your smart meters and the different ways to top-up.

Don't worry, you can top-up using the unique top-up numbers (printed on the front of your cards). We recommend you note these numbers down somewhere safe. The top-up card numbers can be used to top-up online, via our Automated Top-Up Line or manually typed in at Paypoint outlets. You can also generate your own e-card online to use instantly.

No, each card is unique to its own meter in order to make them secure, so top-ups cannot be made on one card and transferred to another.

The top-up cards are really easy to use and there is no need to get them authorised. There are several ways to top-up with them:

  • PayPoint: Just take your top-up cards to any PayPoint outlet to make a payment and it will be sent automatically to your meter(s) (it may take up to 30 minutes to arrive). We advise you hang on to your receipt until you have checked the top-up has credited your meter. In the unlikely event your top-up doesn’t arrive, you can credit your meter manually by typing the unique 20, 40 or 60 digit top-up code on your receipt into your in-home display or meter(s) directly. We hope you don’t have to do this but the remote top-up facility relies on the same technology as a mobile phones, so there can be signal issues from time to time.
  • Online: Follow the easy step-by-step instructions online. All you need is your top-up card(s) and a payment card.
  • Text Message: Before you can top-up via text message, you first need to register your mobile number and payment details online.
  • Automated Top-Up Line: A minimum of £5 can be topped-up via our Automated Top-Up Line on 03452 068 333.
  • Direct Debit: You can also top-up via a monthly 'Pre- Pay Direct Debit' and we will send the credit directly to your meter(s) on an agreed date every month. You can set this up by calling our Customer Care Team. Please be aware, if your energy usage exceeds your agreed monthly payment, you will have to top-up the difference either at PayPoint, by text message, online or via our Automated Top-up Line, to avoid losing supply.

PayPoint outlets are clearly signposted with the two ‘P’s on a yellow background; you can find a full list of them here. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Care Team on 03303 337 442 and they will be able to tell you where your nearest PayPoint outlets are.

If your meter runs out of credit at any time of day, you have access to £10 'Emergency Credit', giving you time to top-up, but you must always activate it to be able to use it and prevent your supply turning off when your meter reaches £0.00. Your in-home display will notify you, which when accepted enables access to this emergency fund - be aware, this will need to be repaid when you next to top-up, so you are in positive credit by at least £1. In some cases you may be able to activate your Emergency Credit at your main meters, even if your supply has already turned off.

If the Emergency Credit itself runs out after 3pm*, the supply will not go off until 10am* the next day, giving you time to get to the shop or buy more credit in whichever way suits you. This additional facility is called 'Friendly Credit' and is accessible during evenings, weekends and bank holidays, to ensure you never go off supply.

Although it is useful to have the convenience of 'Emergency' and 'Friendly Credit', prepayment smart metering works best when you keep your meters topped-up. As with all prepayment meters, if you run your credit down to zero and get disconnected, you will need to top-up so you are in positive credit of at least £1.00, in order to get your supply back on.

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