Moving Home

If you are planning to move home, please contact our Welcome Team on 03452 068 777 to advise us of your plans and arrange for any credit to be refunded. You can also use our Moving Home Form to give us these details - whether you have moved into a new property, or are about to move out.

If you do not contact Utilita, you may not be able to receive any refunds. Please leave your In-Home Display, User Guides and top-up cards for the next occupier, so they can contact us about topping-up their meter.

Meter Readings

If you have our smart meters fitted, you do not have to take meter readings on a regular basis, as it does it all for you. Our Customer Services Team can read your meters remotely, making it much easier for you!

If you are moving house however, we will ask you for a final meter reading. This is important to determine if there is any debt on your meter or if there is money to be credited back to you. Similarly, if you have moved into a new property where the energy is already supplied by Utilita, we will ask for a current meter reading so that you do not take on anyone’s previous debt.

It is important that we collect meter readings at change of tenancy, particularly if you are a Direct Debit customer. This ensures that you are billed correctly and your account is settled fully by the move out date.

How do I take a Meter Reading?

Depending on what type of meter you have, you can take a meter reading straight from your handset - click on the following links for instructions:

Via the Secure Handset

Via the Freedom Unit

How can I submit a meter reading?

  • Online 
  • Via our Automated Meter Reading Line: 03452 093 750
  • Via text message
  • Via email:
  • On a Freepost meter reading card which you may receive from time to time in the post
  • An engineer will also call at your house at least once a year to take a manual reading

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