Meet the new Smart Display.

The new way to manage your energy at home.

Touch and tap to control your energy.

The Smart Display’s touch-sensitive screen puts control at your fingertips. Plus, use the bottom menu to jump back to your Home Screen from anywhere.

Wi-Fi enabled to keep you connected.

Your My Utilita app will now display your energy balances in near real-time with the new Wi-Fi enabled Smart Display.

Electricity and gas at your fingertips.

Check your energy balances and usage, top-up your current balance, activate Emergency Credit, view your top-up history and so much more.

Get setup help and tips.

This is the first release of our new Smart Display, so we’d love to get your feedback. Check out our FAQs section or get in touch if you need any help.


  • What does the “!” symbol mean?

    When the (!) alert symbol appears on the screen, please check the System status on the Smart Display. If there is a problem with the electricity or gas meter status, meter network signal, display or with Wi-Fi network signal, this will be shown as red. Touch any of the icons to view more information.

  • Why my Smart Display is not showing any information?

    If your Smart Display shows Awaiting Data, or an alert symbol has appeared next to the meter signal symbol (also known as the Home Area Network symbol) in the banner bar, this could be because your Smart Display is out of range and unable to communicate with your smart meter. Try moving your Smart Display closer to your smart meter. If problems persist, please try and switch off your device and switch it back on to allow your Smart Display to re-establish connection with your smart meter.

  • Why does my Smart Display show “Connecting to smart meter…”

    When your Smart Display is turned on, it will show ‘Connecting’ whilst establishing a connection. This can take up to five minutes (or up to one hour after the initial setup for your gas usage to show on your Smart Display).

    This could also happen when your display is out of range and has temporarily lost connection with your smart meter. A “Connecting to smart meter…” status will indicate that your Smart meter is re-establishing a connection with your smart meter.

  • What type of batteries does the Smart Display use? How long will the batteries last?

    Your Smart Display can also be used with 3 x AAA (R03, LR03) non-rechargeable batteries.

    Remove the back cover and insert the batteries, as marked on the inside case. Re-attach the back cover and your Smart Display will show the battery symbol at the top of the screen.

    It’s advisable to power your Smart Display with the power supply instead of batteries for a prolonged period - typically the Smart Display is expected to run for 4 hours with batteries only.

  • Why has the screen on my Smart Display turned off/gone blank?

    Your Smart Display may be off for a number of reasons. If you have selected the Backlight to be off or the Backlight timer setting to be on, then the screen will be blank when you are not using it (check in Settings > Display). Touch any button and the screen should come back on.

    If you’re using batteries, it may be that they have run flat. Either connect your Smart Display using the power adapter or replace the batteries. The Smart Display will run for approximately 4 hours with batteries so that you can carry it around the home to learn how different appliances work. It is not intended for prolonged use.

  • Powering your Smart Display

    Your Smart Display can be powered using the supplied power supply or with 3 x AAA (R03, LR03) non-rechargeable batteries.

    It is not recommended to use batteries for a prolonged period.

    To replace batteries, slide the stand downwards and then pull it away. Insert the batteries, as marked on the inside case. Re-attach the stand and the Display will show the battery symbol at the top of the screen.

    Do not use rechargeable batteries in this Display.
  • Why is my Smart Display making a noise?

    The Smart Display has a built-in speaker which is used for alerts, messages and can also provide feedback. You can adjust the volume, and turn off/on the different sounds via the settings page (Settings > Sound & Alerts)

  • How much energy does my Smart Display use?

    The input power for the display is 0.5W. In terms of cost, this is typically equivalent to less than £1 a year.

  • Why is the System Status screen showing a Wi-Fi error?

    When the System Status screen shows the Wi-Fi symbol in red or amber, this means one of the following:

    • The Smart Display is out of range of the Wi-Fi network or it is not available – try moving closer to the access point or router
    • The security details for the Wi-Fi network have changed since they were set up
    • The Smart Display’s details have been actively blocked by the Wi-Fi network
    • The Smart Display is running on batteries – the Wi-Fi module does not function when running on batteries

You’ll need a Smart Display to use My Energy

My Energy uses near real-time data from a Smart Display to send your monthly energy usage breakdowns. If you don’t have a Smart Display (or have an In-Home Display instead) and would like one for your home, simply join our waiting list and we’ll be in touch soon!

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