8 quick & easy ways to keep cool this summer

28 July, 2016

Summer may have finally arrived but some of us find it difficult to deal with the warmer weather. One of the first things we do is pop to the shops and stock up on fans and air conditioning units. 

However, never fear! Here we share our 8 top tips to help keep your home cool - without stretching those purse strings. Allowing you to spend your money on ice lollies, paddling pools and fun-filled summery treats instead.

Make the most of your curtains

During the day, the sun shining through your windows can create a greenhouse effect. By keeping your blinds and curtains drawn, this will act like a heat shield, keeping the air in your home nice and cool. Open them again in the evening to make the most of the longer daylight hours and cooler temperatures.

Update your bedding

Seasonally switching your type of bedding freshens up your room, but it’s also a great way to keep cool! Whilst textiles such as flannel sheets and fluffy throws are fantastic at keeping us warm over the cooler months, cotton is a smarter move in the summer as it breaths easier and stays cooler. Also be sure to dig out your summer duvet. Duvets are based on ‘togs’, a measure of thermal insulation, ranging from 4.5 (suitable for summer as it’s much lighter) to 16.5 (suitable for winter when we need extra insulation).

Heatproof your bed

We use hot water bottles in the winter to keep warm, however, they’re also handy for summer months. Fill a hot water bottle and put it in the freezer to act as an ice pack, and pop on or under your pillow. This will be sure to cool you down.

Focus on your body temperature

If people in the Stone Age could survive the English summer, then we surely can, right?  From sipping fruity iced drinks or having a cold shower, to applying a cold cloth to areas like your neck, wrists and forehead; cooling from the inside out is a smart move. Another idea to keep the kids entertained is to have a water fight in the garden or on the street (you’re never too old).

Turn on the extractor fan in your bathroom & kitchen

This will pull the hot air that rises after you cook or take a shower out of your home…every little helps! Be sure to do this for short periods to keep your energy spend down.

Keep internal doors open

Closing off rooms will prevent the cool air from circulating throughout your home during the hottest part of the day, so keep all internal doors open to prevent this from happening. You’ll want to take advantage of this at night time too, to let air flow naturally through your home, cooling you while you sleep.

Let the night air in

Over the summer months, the temperature often drops at night. Be sure to make the most of this by popping the windows open a couple of hours before you go to bed, this will cool your bedroom down and regulate your body temperature, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.

Cook on the grill

It may sound obvious, but cooking with the oven and stove will add unnecessary heat to your home. If you’re hot and bothered, this is the last thing you need. Make the most of the outdoors and cook on a BBQ –  a disposable one will do. It will make a nice change eating and cooking outside (after all, we don’t often get the chance!).

Rebecca looks after our social media channels, including Customer Care enquires, content and blogs. She’s a bit of a social media guru, and has been with the business since November 2014.

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