The Manchester Lightbox Project

09 March, 2015

Since the New Year, Utilita Headquarters has been a flurry of work and excitement in the build up to the next instalment of the free, drop-in, two-day event: The Lightbox Project (17th – 18th Feb 2015).

We at Utilita, the UK’s leading provider in prepayment energy, have already held a number of Lightbox events across the country, which have in turn received lots of positive feedback. Now we’re hoping that the forthcoming Manchester event is going to be the biggest and best yet!

We’re delighted that we are able to hold the event at the beautiful and idyllic People’s History Museum, an historic venue which used to generate energy for the city back in the Victorian times. The Lightbox Project is about bringing the Manchester community together and unite all in the participation of electricity-based workshops so we couldn’t have hoped for a more apt location. In short, we are thrilled to be offering our workshops within this memorable setting over the half-term holiday...

What can visitors expect when they drop in?

The Lightbox Project has an array of different workshops, visuals and competitions, all suitable for children of all ages (3+). Here are just a few them:

Occulus Rift Virtual Reality Headsets – come and explore other imaginary worlds! One of our favourites at the Lightbox Project, these headsets are the newest Occulus Rift technology available.
Fly a Drone - navigating these marvellous machines will surely be a test to anyone’s piloting skills!
3D Printer - an army of robots will be built, thanks to the marvellous 3D printer we will have on location. This has proven to be a popular workshop, it is mind-boggling to watch in action!
Colouring Competition – get involved with the chance to win some great prizes. Colour a house, wire up the electricity and add it to our very own ‘Electric City’.

But that’s not all! We’ve got a whole load more planned for the two days but don’t want to give everything away! We really hope that as many people as possible will check out the workshops – especially since the event is free and all activities over the two days are run on a drop-in basis.

It’s almost half term! So let us spark your imagination and excitement with The Manchester Lightbox Project, powered by Utilita…

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