Cheaper than the Big Six... again!

18 September, 2015

Utilita Energy’s Managing Director, Bill Bullen, talks about our latest gas price cut

We are delighted to announce - in line with our aim to keep prices below the Big Six suppliers for prepayment customers - that we are cutting gas prices for our Smart Pre-pay customers by an average of 2.1% from 1st October 2015. This is our second price cut in 2015 - combined they are saving our gas prepayment customers an average of around £52 on their annual gas spend.

What tariffs will this affect?

Both Smart Energy and Premium Energy tariff customers.

Why are you cutting the price of gas?

Since 2008 we have made a Price Commitment; to keep our prices lower than the Big Six. Our latest price cut reflects wholesale oil price changes and we are extremely happy to pass these on to our customers.

Are there any customers who will NOT benefit from this price cut?

The prices will change depending on each region – and some will not receive a cut this time around because of a number of factors including varying distribution costs and local market conditions - but we anticipate 163,000 households across Great Britain will benefit, which is a significant number and represents a sizeable majority of our customers.

And – overall – our gas prepayment customers will save on average £52 this year due to the price cuts we have introduced since January 2015.

Is this just a marketing ploy?

Definitely not. We always keep our prices under review and do our best to maintain our price point below the Big Six for prepayment customers – that forms the Price Commitment we have endeavoured to maintain for the past seven years.

So, will you just put the prices up again in a few months’ time?

We can’t guarantee that our prices will not rise in the future – nobody can do that. It depends on the market and what we pay, but we will always do our best to offer our customers the fairest possible prices. That is not open to question.

Are you now the cheapest in the Great Britain?

No supplier can claim to be the cheapest for all customers. Utilita Energy is a small supplier concentrating on serving prepayment customers fairly and well, and we strive to be the cheapest for as many of our customers as is possible – our prices represent very good value for our customers. That is what drives us each day.

We treat our customers consistently – and with no attention-grabbing introductory offers which later increase.

Rebecca looks after our social media channels, including Customer Care enquires, content and blogs. She’s a bit of a social media guru, and has been with the business since November 2014.

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