Thermostat Myths

16 November, 2015

New research shows that more than 60% of Great Britain are making at least one basic error with their home heating controls that could be costing them money. Here are some of the most common thermostat myths, to help you through winter and the upcoming cold snaps!

Myth #1 - Turn the thermostat up when it's cold outside

52% of Great Britain believe this to be true

The thermostat is designed to maintain a desired temperature in your home, whatever the weather. Setting your thermostat to 22 degrees (rather than 21 degrees), could add up to £75 a year to your annual energy spend.

What to do - Set your thermostat to the temperature you will be most comfortable at inside your home and avoid turning it up when it gets colder outside.

Myth # 2 - Turn up your thermostat to heat the room more quickly

35% of Great Britain believe this to be true

If you turn your thermostat up too much, you'll soon feel like it's too hot - by which time you would have wasted energy and cash getting it to that temperature; only to turn it down again. If you come home to a chilly house it may be tempting to turn the thermostat up to maximum - but it won't get you back up to a comfortable temperature any sooner.

The Energy Saving Trust explains: "A thermostat doesn't control the speed at which your house heats up - it just controls the final temperature. You won't get the temperature up any sooner - but you will end up with an overly-warm house, unless you turn it back down."

What to do - Be sure about the temperature you want inside your home, if you do think you'd prefer it to be warmer, turn the thermostat up gradually and avoid turning it up to full straight away. You can also try changing timer on your thermostat, so your heating comes on earlier to leave enough time for your house to warm up before you get home.

Myth # 3 - Leaving the heating on low constantly is more efficient than turning it on and off.

38% of Great Britain believe this to be true

This actually means homes are being heated when no one is there, and when they are there, the home is too cold - not helpful for anyone.

What to do - It is better to use your thermostat to control the timing of your heating - keeping you warmer when you are at home and saving you money when you are not there.

Myth # 4 - You need to keep your water heater on all day to make sure hot water doesn't run out.

31% of Great Britain believe this to be true

A lot of people believe their hot water will run out easily, so leave their hot water heater on all day. This could be costing far more on their energy spend than necessary.

What to do - The Energy Saving Trust says: "You want to make sure your water tank is properly insulted. If you've heated water in the morning and your tank is well insulated that should remain warm until midday. Set your hot water to come on roughly half an hour before you want to get up and start showering in the morning. You might want it to come on again a bit later in the day if you're likely to be doing things like washing up - but leaving it on all day will simply waste money.”


Find out more at the Energy Saving Trust

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