Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a register where energy suppliers and other relevant parties must hold the minimum details of a customer who is eligible to receive non-financial support.

This confidential service allows us to see which of our customers require specific services to help manage their account and remain on supply.
Once on this register, we can:

  1. Nominate a friend of family member to act on your behalf
  2. Arrange for someone to attend your property to read your meters free of charge
  3. Arrange for your meter to be moved for ease of access, if your meter is in an inaccessible location
  4. Supply large print or braille correspondence if you have sight problems
  5. Contact you if we see your supply has gone off and you require a constant supply due to a medical condition – Please note in order for this service to be applicable you will need to have a smart meter installed within your home

You may be eligible to join our PSR if you, or a member of your household are:

  • Chronically/seriously ill
  • Of pensionable age
  • Physically impaired
  • Have a Careline/Telecare system
  • Rely on electricity to power medical machines (dialysis, feeding pumps, oxygen concentrators, stair lifts, bath hoists etc.)
  • Blind/partially sighted
  • Deaf/hearing impaired
  • Mental health
  • Require additional presence in the property
  • Have a poor sense of smell
  • Developmental conditions
  • Unable to communicate in English (including sign language)
  • Have speech difficulties
  • A young adult householder (under 18)
  • In post hospital recovery
  • Experiencing difficult or major life changes
  • Restricted hand movement
  • Families with young children 5 or under
  • Unable to answer door/restricted movement

Apply for the Priority Services Register

To find out more about the PSR and how you can be included, please see our Priority Services Register PDF.

Please be aware, your water supplier might also have this type of register. For more information, please contact them directly.

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