Waste less.
Save more.

Join millions of households and save up to £332 with Utilita’s award-winning Energy High 5 - just make five free and simple changes at home.

Save up to
£332 a year!

Our award-winning #EnergyHigh5 campaign was Britain’s first ever nationwide behaviour change campaign that invited every household to take part in to save. So far, Utilita’s efforts have enabled an estimated four million households to learn about the five free and simple ways to save. We’re well ahead of the 5 million households by the end of 2024 target.

Give yourself a High 5.

Don’t beat yourself up for energy wastage, instead, think positive ‘high fives’ for every little thing you make an effort to do.


Turn the heating down by 1 degree


Turn down your hot water tap temperature


Avoid standby and unplug your gadgets


Turning lights off in unoccupied rooms


Using a 30C wash instead of 40C / 60C

Save up to
£332 a year!

We can make these five simple and free-of-charge changes to the way we use energy at home.

All energy savings are based on the Energy Savings Trust Infact Report 2019. The cost savings have been adjusted to reflect the 1 April 2022 price cap for direct debit customers. Actual savings may vary as many factors will be important in determining your actual savings.

Energy High 5
has evolved.

For the last two years, the Energy High 5 campaign has included two separate tips for ‘ turning off standby’ and ‘unplugging unused items’. We’ve now combined these two tips as households need to do the same thing to achieve these savings – avoid standby and unplug!

We’ve also added a brand-new tip to help you save a massive £79 a year – ‘Turn down your hot water tap temperature’. We carried out a household survey that revealed over half of us have no idea how hot the water is that comes out of our taps at home. If your boiler sets this temperature any higher than 50 degrees, you can reduce it to make a saving. To learn more, check out the blog post. Learn more

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The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy we don’t use.

Bill Bullen

CEO - Utilita Energy