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ECO Scheme

No, there is a criteria that must be met. You can check your eligibility with our online tool coming soon.

No, any measures installed under the ECO Scheme are paid for by Utilita.

The installation is dependent on what is recommended to us by our surveyors. Our most common installations are wall insulations, loft insulations and boiler installations.

No, households who fit the criteria are eligible for any changes under the ECO Scheme. You do not have to be one of our customers to claim under the ECO Scheme.

Feed In Tariff

You will receive the first payment at the end of the following quarter to which you applied. For example, if you signed up for the Feed in Tariff in quarter 1 (January to March) then you will be paid at the end of the second quarter (April to June). This is the same for your consecutive payments.

You will need to provide your meter readings towards the end of each quarter. Once we have the readings, you will receive your payment at the beginning of the following quarter, for example if you provide your reading in March you will receive your payment in April.

You will receive this information in a letter. We are required to wait 14 days before processing your application. During this time, we will ensure that all the information we require from you is there.

On the 15th day, we will process your application on the same day. A letter will be sent out that day to confirm that your application is successful and has been completed.

Your tariff will only change according to inflation. Otherwise, you are on a fixed rate that won’t be altered. All Generation and Export Tariff rates are set by the Regulator – Ofgem and all rates can be found via their website.

The only information we require for you to receive your Feed in Tariff payments are your meter readings at the end of each quarter. Without these readings, we will be unable to send you your payment.

You will need to inform your Feed in Tariff Licensee if anything changes with your solar panel installation and specify the change.

If you are registered under the Feed in Tariff Scheme you will need to inform your FIT Licensee of the date you will be moving out of the property, you will also need to provide your Final Reading on this date to ensure you benefit from all generation up to this date.

If you are moving into a property that already has solar panels installed, you should receive confirmation and documentation regarding the installation during the purchase of the property. Once you have this you will be able to contact your FIT Licensee of choice to look into this further for you.

Win Back Scheme

If a previous customer of Utilita would like to return to our service, we are happy to accept, and delighted to be able to reward these customers as set out in these Scheme Rules (the Rules).

Upon returning to Utilita, the promotional code COMINGBACK17 must be entered, and must switch back either directly through the Utilita website, or by calling Utilita directly. Upon reaching a live status, the returning Customer will receive a £20 Amazon voucher (the Rewards) on the conditions set out in the Rules. If the returning Customer remains on supply with Utilita, and is still live on 01/05/2017, a further £20 Amazon voucher (the Rewards) will be issued to the customer.

The Amazon vouchers issued to returning Customers will be single use vouchers and no change will be given if the voucher is only part used. The vouchers may only be used for goods or services purchased through the Amazon website, no cash equivalent or alternative will be offered. Only two Amazon vouchers will be allowed per dual fuel account. Lost or damaged vouchers will only be replaced if Utilita is able to confirm that the original voucher was not used. If the returning Customer leaves after voucher issue, the voucher will remain valid until the end date on the voucher. The vouchers will be issued by email where available, or by second class post to the postal address supplied by the customer on sign up. These will be sent once the supply has reached a live status, and usually within 2 weeks of this date.

This scheme is open from 16/01/2017 to 31/07/2017. Utilita may, at its discretion run other schemes or promotions which overlap with this scheme. Unless specifically stated, the Rewards available under this scheme may not be used in conjunction with any other schemes or promotions from Utilita Energy Ltd.

Scheme reference: WIN002, version 0.3 12.01.2017

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