Utilita news / 10 Sep 2019

5 things to do before you switch the heating on

Feeling the cold at home? Keep the central heating at bay for a little longer with these simple yet effective house-warming tips. 

It’s that time of year again where we’re all thinking of putting the heating on – and trying to avoid it if possible.

Whilst wearing extra layers around the house can be effective, there are plenty more ways to keep yourself warm before you finally have to give in to your heating system; 

Here are a few ideas:

Draught busters


You’ll keep the house much warmer if you stop heat escaping through gaps and cracks in the walls, doors, and keyholes/letterboxes.


A lot of gaps are easy to spot, but don’t forget the areas where pipes/cables go into walls, behind the washing machine, under kitchen cupboards and around sinks and toilets. If the gaps are out of sight, sealing them can be done easily with scrunched up newspaper and plastic bags, or old socks.


For more visible areas, sticky draught excluder products are available in DIY shops, as are keyhole covers and brushes to insulate letterboxes. You could even try stuffing cotton wall or cling film into the cracks with tweezers, and attaching a thick fabric flap over cat flaps.


Cosy curtains


Either sew or clip a thicker fabric to the back of your curtains, or hang it straight from your curtain rod. This adds another layer of insulation which won’t change the look of your curtains from the inside, and shouldn’t be too obvious from the outside.


It’s not just windows that need curtains – placing a curtain in front of doors to the outside adds another layer of heat protection, too.


Get your radiators winter-ready


Your radiators are the heart of keeping your home warm in winter, so it’s wise to make sure you’re getting the most out of them when the time comes to turn the heating on. Alongside doing the obvious things like making sure they’ve been bled, and moving furniture out the way, installing radiator panels are inexpensive and maximise their efficiency.


The shiny mental panels are installed behind your radiator, stopping heat escaping through external walls and reflecting it back into the room – making the lounge even more snug while you catch up with your favourite soap.


Get cosy


The colder months do have their advantages - It’s an excuse to get your cosy throw back on the sofa, dig out your fluffy socks from the deep depths of your drawers, along with your dressing gown and PJs (mandatory, of course).  Whilst you’re at it, you can even get the hot water bottle out for extra warmth and good measure.


To make things really cosy in the autumnal months, stocking up on candles to place around the house can add a nice touch (and save on your electricity bills as an alternative to lights being on).


 Get rugged up


While hard floor looks great and is stylish inside the home – the problem it poses is that it’s not great at retaining heat. A simple (and stylish) solution for this is to get a rug, it’ll help stop the heat escaping, keeping your feet nice and warm on a frosty morning (brrrr).