ANOTHER Price Cut in 2015

18 September, 2015

Utilita Energy, proud to be Britain’s leading smart pre-pay energy provider has today (18th September 2015) announced it will cut its gas prices by an average of 2.1%.*

The price reduction comes into effect on 1st October 2015 and means, for an average prepayment customer, Utilita Energy’s prices are - again - cheaper than the Big Six energy providers**

It is our second price cut in 2015 – after we slashed more than 5% earlier this year – and will benefit 163,000 households across Great Britain.

Our domestic gas pre-pay customers have experienced an overall 7.91% reduction since January 2015 – amounting to an average annual saving of £52.77.

Utilita Energy Managing Director, Bill Bullen, said he was delighted to give Utilita’s customers a further saving.

“It is a pleasure to pass on the benefit of falling prices in the wholesale oil markets to our loyal customers,” said Mr Bullen.

“Since 2008 we have been crystal clear in our Price Commitment: to ensure our prices remain cheaper than the Big Six for prepayment customers. If we pay less, we want our customers to do so too.

“We have maintained that commitment for seven years and we’ll aim to continue to do so. Giving our customers the best - and fairest - deals we possibly can has driven our business to record growth.

“As we approach the autumn - a time when gas consumption rises - we will do all we can to ensure Britain’s hard-pressed families, and especially the elderly, have as much peace of mind as they can in the coming months - and not pay unnecessarily high prices for their energy.”

Utilita Energy doubled its number of customers in 12 months*** and is expected to reach 250,000 imminently – up from 90,000 in Q1 2014.

* Based on Ofgem medium consumption (12,500 kWh) and using the best standard variable prices available to prepayment customers from the Big Six suppliers.  The gas price cut is an average reduction of 2.1%, with a number of factors determining regional variations such as local market conditions and distribution costs.
** As of 1 October, 2015
*** 100,000 to 200,000 customers between April 2014-April 2015

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