Winter is Coming

02 November, 2015

Around the 16th November is on average the busiest day in our call centre – we know this day is coming but we want you to know too. Is there anything we can do to help you, before you need to call us?

What causes the increase in calls during mid-November?

It may seem obvious, but mid-November is when it starts to get cold - it’s when most of us decide to turn on our gas central heating.

We have been looking after prepayment customers for nearly 10 years, and over that time we have noticed the amount of gas our customers tend to use increases during autumn and early winter. It may seem obvious but it often comes as a surprise and the peak in calls we receive around this time proves it.

We are always happy to take your call, but if we can help you avoid the need to call in the first place, we’d like to help now.

Here are some key things to remember – to help regulate your household heating and ensure you’re not spending more than you should on your gas


The Thermostat

The main culprit for being left in the cold is the room thermostat. If the air temperature drops below the thermostat setting, then your heating is likely to automatically switch on - this means gas gets used without you necessarily realising it and your energy spend goes up!
What to do – Get to grips with your thermostat; research shows that 60% of the UK public make at least one basic error with their home heating controls - click here to read about how you can better set your themostat so you are heating your home the right way, and only when you need to be!

Gas Meter - Low Credit

So it suddenly gets cold and you find you are using more gas than expected, before you know it you’re into Emergency Credit and you risk going off supply – how did that happen?!
What to do – It’s easy to forget but topping-up a little extra on your gas meter each week now (before it gets cold), will help you avoid getting caught out when a winter cold snap suddenly arrives!


Loss of Supply

So you’ve lost supply on your gas meter and need to get it back on quickly! – It is important to remember that if you've topped-up your gas after losing supply, it won’t automatically come back on for safety reasons. It’s easy to forget what to do and if you’re a new customer you may be unsure how to restart your gas supply.
What to do – We’ve put together this easy-to-follow video which will talk you through how to get your gas supply back on!

Rebecca looks after our social media channels, including Customer Care enquires, content and blogs. She’s a bit of a social media guru, and has been with the business since November 2014.

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