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MYTH vs fact

Bust the Pay As You Go energy myths

Sometimes, energy needs a bit of sparkle to separate the myths from the facts. Join Buster and the Unicorn Revolution - believe the magic, bust the myth!

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Meet Buster

Buster is on a mission to spread the facts about Pay As You Go energy. Join the Unicorn Revolution as Buster gallops through myths and misconceptions.

MYTH vs fact

Myth #1


Pay As You Go is more expensive


Smart Pay As You Go is the cheapest way to pay for your energy

A lightening bolt Illustrated unicorn confidently pointing out the fact that Smart Pay As You Go is the cheapest way to pay for energy A lightening bolt A lightening bolt

Myth #2


If I can’t afford to top-up my meter, I’m sat in the dark


Get instant energy support with the tap of a finger (or hoof)

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Myth #3


I have to go to the shops to top-up


Energy is at your fingertips with our My Utilita app

A golden coin Illustrated unicorn performing a dab dance move to point out the fact you can top-up anywhere with the My Utilita energy app A golden coin A golden coin

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