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One the 1st July 2016, we removed the standing charges from all of our tariffs.

The removal of our standing charges had no effect on the prices our customers will pay for their gas and/or electricity, instead our tariffs were simply restructured and our existing standing charges incorporated into 'tiered' tariffs, made up of varying unit rates.

Why did we do this?

We are reintroducing the pricing structure we’ve always preferred to offer our customers. We believe that customers should only pay for something when they are using it, so we removed all of our standing charges.

We previously changed our pricing structure (which included the inclusion of a standing charge) in order to comply with certain industry rules – now due to expected developments, we have been able to revert back to what we believe to be a fairer tariff structure for our customers.

As a result, customers will not pay a standing charge on their meter if they aren’t using their supply, these costs will simply be covered through the cost of the tariff. This means, no build-up of standing charge debt on customers' meters if the property is empty, or if they are not using gas over the summer, or any other period of time.

How exactly will the new tariff structure work?

Smart Energy & Premium Energy

As we have re-introduced a 'tiered' Smart Energy tariff, it now means each tariff is made up of two prices – 'Unit Rate 1', 'Unit Rate 2' and no standing charges. Unit Rate 1 is collected for the first 240 kWh of electricity or 488 kWh of gas used per month. Unit Rate 2 is lower and collected for all remaining kWh of electricity or gas used in the month.

Smart E7 & Premium Smart E7

Our Smart E7 tariff is for electricity via an Economy 7 meter; it now has two day unit rates, one night unit rate, and no standing charge. 'Day Unit Rate 1' is collected for the first 1 kWh of electricity used during daytime hours and 'Day Unit Rate 2' is lower than Unit Rate 1 and applies for the remaining daytime kWh used per day. The 'Night Rate' is lower and it applies for all night usage.

If a customer is an Economy 7 dual fuel customer, i.e. they have an Economy 7 meter and still have a gas supply (maybe for cooking but NOT gas central heating) they would normally be on our Smart Energy gas tariff, for their gas. As before, it has two unit rates and no standing charge. 'Unit Rate 1' is collected for the first 488 kWh of gas used per month and 'Unit Rate 2' applies for all remaining kWh of gas used in the month.

Are these thresholds (Unit Rates) reset every day?

No – for Smart E7 and Premium E7, Day Unit Rates are reset daily, but for Smart Energy and Premium Energy the thresholds are calculated and reset on a monthly basis.

The length of the monthly period is worked out by dividing the number of days in the year by the number of months: For example: 365 divided by 12 = 30.417

This way the periods are even, so the monthly thresholds of 3,100 kWh for electricity and 12,500 kWh for gas do not change.

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