Your energy plus more control.

Our revolutionary new technology that gives you more clarity and control over your energy usage than ever before.

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You’re in charge.

Use the detailed data provided by My Energy to make informed decisions on your energy usage and spend.

Easy to understand.

Simple monthly insights on how your home’s electrical items are using energy. From using standby, to white goods, you’ll see where your energy is going.

Helping you budget.

Advice, tailored to YOUR household, on how to reduce energy wastage – helping you save money and the environment.

Regular updates.

Each month you’ll receive Insights via email:

Highs & Lows.

Find out exactly when your energy usage is at its peak and understand why, allowing you to identify where you can reduce your energy and save money.

Compare your monthly activity.

Can’t work out why your energy spend varies? Track your energy usage from one month to the next and compare your usage and spend - helping you to see where you can cut energy wastage and start saving.

Tips to save energy and money.

Get advice tailored to YOUR household! We’ll not only show you where your energy is going, but we’ll give you simple tips based on your usage – so you’ll have the knowledge and tools to save energy and money at your fingertips.

A cost breakdown per appliance.

Want to know where your money is going? Whether you keep electricals on standby or forget to turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms - you’ll be able to see which of your household appliances are costing you the most in pounds and pence.

How it works.

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Step 1

You’ll need a Smart Display.

My Energy uses a Smart Display with a WiFi connection, this links directly to your Smart Meter to supply accurate data.

Step 2

Complete the My Property form.

You’ll need to download My Utilita to access the form. By providing information on your household, we can give you detailed insights on your energy usage.

Step 3

Receive Monthly Insights.

Each month we’ll send you an email to show where your energy is going – so you’ll be able to see which appliances are costing the most in pounds and pence.

Step 4

Save energy and money.

Start saving! Learn where you can save money, energy and the planet with advice tailored to your household.