Energy that’s proper smart.


Proper benefits

See energy. Save energy.

Our Pay As You Go smart meters show you how much energy you’re using and what it’s costing you. And when you can see, you can save – just like Dave!

Save energy

Less energy worrier.
More Eco Warrior!

Energy costs are still a worry for many, and Dave Angel, the nation’s favourite Eco Warrior is back to help us get smart about wasting less energy and saving more money at home.

One degree

You don’t need a degree to understand this powerful message from Dave.

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Bye, bye to standby

Dave just couldn’t stand by any longer, so he wrote you a poem about it.

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Even if dirty, wash at 30

Dave’s up on his soap box again.

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Lights out!

Dave couldn’t leave you in the dark any longer.

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Utilita High 5

Waste less. Save more.

Our award-winning High 5 campaign is all about ways to save £££s by making simple changes to the way you use energy, heat water and cook at home.

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