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The Future

Tech Talk – Bill Bullen

Nic Rhodes

Director of Brand Marketing

08 Apr 2021

Utilita founder and CEO, Bill Bullen has a few years behind him in the energy industry – perhaps more than he’d like! In this video Bill takes us on the journey of how Utilita’s pioneering application of smart technology has helped to change the energy game.

Installing Britain’s first smart meter will always be a source of pride for the company, but it’s the desire to stay ahead of the curve and look for ways to apply new technology that is driving innovation today.

Utilita started out as 4 people sat around a table and today it sits as a top 10 energy supplier and the leading Smart Pay As You Go provider in the UK – processing anything up to 41 top-up transactions per second. This puts us up there with some major players and technology has played a key role in our story.

Bill Bullen, Utilita CEO, takes us on a journey through Utilita’s pioneering use of smart technology.