PAYG Direct Debit

We are the only supplier in the UK focused solely on the needs of the prepayment energy market. It is for this reason that our prepayment Smart Energy tariff can be as competitive as it is.

Although the majority of our customers choose to top-up their energy as they go, we can arrange for a monthly 'Pre-Pay Direct Debit' to be set up for your prepayment smart meters, in order for us to top-up your meter for you each month. You will need to estimate how much you would normally spend on your electricity and/or gas in an average month, in order to set up an agreed monthly Pre-Pay Direct Debit amount, in order to cover your usage.

Please be aware, if your Pre-Pay Direct Debit does not cover your usage and the credit on your meter runs out, you will lose power, requiring you to make a payment using your top-up cards to get you back on supply.

After the payment has been taken from your bank and received by us, the vend to your meter/s will be carried out automatically around 10 days later and will register on your In-Home Display.

If you would prefer to pay in this way, please contact our Customer Services Team on 03303 337 440, and we'll set this up for you.

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