Emergency & Friendly Credit

Giving you a little extra time to top-up when you need it

Sometimes life can be hectic and running a household can be tough. So to help out in case you need it, our smart meters have built-in Emergency and Friendly Credit features.

It is advisable to make sure your energy supplies are always in credit by at least £1, but for the times when you run a little low, your in-home device will notify you and ask if you'd like a little extra time to top-up. Above all, we don't want you to go off supply, so we ensure these facilities are easy to access.

Emergency Credit

When you've accepted the 'low credit alert' on your in-home display, you will have access to £15 'Emergency Credit' when your balance reaches £0. Your credit will then be displayed as a negative balance and run down to -£15.

If you top-up whilst in Emergency Credit, don’t forget to:

  • Fully repay the Emergency Credit that you have used
  • In addition to the Emergency Credit, you must also ensure the meter is topped-up by at least £1 to avoid loss of supply

For example, if you've used £3 of Emergency Credit, then you'll need to top-up at least £4.

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Utilita emergency and friendly credit

Friendly Credit

Our Friendly Credit feature means you never lose supply during evenings, weekends and bank holidays - even if your Emergency Credit runs out, or has not been activated. Your smart meters automatically enter Friendly Credit mode everyday from 2pm* until 10am* the next working day - giving you plenty of time to top-up your supply.

Any extra credit used beyond the £15 Emergency Credit is called Friendly Credit.

*This may be subject to change.

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Utilita emergency and friendly credit

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