What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are new generation gas and electricity meters being rolled out across Great Britain. They show you the amount of energy you use in real-time and how much you are spending in pounds and pence.

Smart meters are smart because they can communicate remotely, meaning you can top-up anywhere and the money will credit your meter instantly. It also means they can send the energy supplier automatic meter readings, so you don’t have to – this means the energy you pay for is always accurately calculated, so no more silly estimated bills!

How do they work?

Depending on your supply type, a smart metering system is usually made up of a gas meter, electricity meter and a Smart Energy Monitor. All three pieces of equipment communicate with each other remotely, allowing the Smart Energy Monitor to show exactly what your gas and electricity credit balances are, and how long each one is likely to last based on your current rate of usage. You can place your Smart Energy Monitor anywhere at your premises, to refer to whenever you need.

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Will a smart meter help me save energy?

Yes – if you can see how much energy you’re using, it makes it much easier to become mindful of the number of energy-guzzling appliances you may have running in your business, and how much this might be costing you.

At the touch of a button you can see how much energy you have used and when, over the past day, week or month. Whether you're interested in saving money, saving energy or even reducing your Carbon Emissions, a smart meter gives you a clear picture of your energy usage in real-time, and historically – a great tool to help you implement long-term savings!

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