Smart Energy Monitor

Smart meters show you the amount of energy you use in real-time and how much you are spending in pounds and pence – all of this information can be viewed on a touchscreen Smart Energy Monitor, which can be placed anywhere at your business premises for easy access.

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Main Menu

The Smart Energy Monitor automatically communicates with the gas and electricity meters, displaying all information in one place for you to easily access. With its touchscreen interface, the Main Menu displays a number of options for accessing information, including your gas and electricity credit balances, usage history, tariff information, messages, as well as manual function access in the event there are any issues with your top-ups.

Utilita smart meter benefits
Utilita smart meter benefits

Credit Balance

Clearly displaying how much credit you have on your gas and electricity meters, the credit balance screen also calculates how many days your credit will last based on your current rate of usage. This is particularly useful when budgeting for your week – try switching off a few power-guzzling appliances at your business and watch the number of days your energy will last go up!

Usage History

The Usage History screen houses a range of graphs showing how much gas and electricity you have used, and when. You can access energy usage and costs for the last day, week, month and year by simply clicking on the ‘kWh' or ‘Week' buttons to scroll through different combinations of information and time frames.

Utilita smart meter benefits