A smarter energy solution for your business

Competitive prices and market-leading smart meters – we’re bringing a smarter, clearer, fairer energy solution to Britain's small businesses.

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What can we offer
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In short, a fairer deal – having pioneered a smart energy solution for our domestic customers for more than a decade, we have now turned our focus to providing small businesses with an equally exciting smart proposition.

Small businesses can expect peace of mind with the security of either a 12 or 24 month, fixed term, fixed price contract with flexible payment options and competitive pricing. Our service includes free smart meters and Smart Energy Monitor for business, showing energy usage and spend in real-time along with Emergency & Friendly Credit facilities.

for your business

Why are we different?

We don't judge your business based on your credit rating, your credentials or your cash flow. We recognise that small businesses are vital to Britain’s economy and should be supported wherever possible. We believe in a ‘One Price Fits All' payment method philosophy; irrespective of what a business customer chooses, the same tariff will apply. We do not determine prices based on payment method, instead we treat customers equally and fairly.

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Why do we care
about your business?

We are supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs and start ups because we were once in your shoes – we know first-hand how hard it can be. We care about your business, because we understand what it takes to run one.

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Our 3 simple payment options*

Smart Pay As You Go

Top-up when you like, where you like, how you like – online, over the phone, via our app, by SMS or at the shop with cash or card. It’s quick and easy and credits your supply automatically. Whether you want to top-up £5 or £500 – you decide.

Direct Debit**

If you’d prefer to pay by a monthly direct debit, a fixed monthly payment can be set up based on your estimated usage . Helping you budget throughout the year.

Pay on Receipt**

Although we encourage all small business customers to actively Pay As You Go, you can choose to pay on receipt of an invoice.

* As standard, we will install a smart meter, this will support any payment option you choose.

** In some instances, we may ask customers to adopt a hybrid payment method in the short-term to demonstrate ability to pay if they do not want to utilise Pay As You Go. In the unlikely event that a business misses a payment, we have the right to remotely switch the meter into Pay As You Go mode. In order for us to support businesses in avoiding the accumulation of energy debt, any outstanding money owed is added to the smart meter and collected at an agreed rate – one that works for both the business and us. Debt is typically recovered at a rate of 25% of each top-up, until cleared.